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Photography Courses

I have been offering photography courses since 2008.

I am extremely passionate about photography and teaching. I put a lot of time and effort in to writing and delivering my courses to make sure they are the best they can be.

I believe that photography is an ongoing learning process and although I have considerable experience, I believe I am still learning myself.

I run my courses mainly from my studio in Crowborough in East Sussex but I also offer various courses on location all over Sussex, Kent and London.

Blog post and photos from the last London Photowalk © Andrew Newson

Blog post and photos from the last London Photowalk © Andrew Newson

Some examples of courses that I run:
1-2-1 Photography Courses, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom, Studio Courses, Portrait Courses, Wedding Photography, Street Portraiture, Street Photography, Landscape Photography, Art Photography, Colour Management, Booking Making, Book Binding, Photowalks etc.

New Lightroom Filmy Presets coming soon

These are just some of the Lightroom Develop Presets I have been working on and they will be ready very very soon. Thanks, Andy

London Summer Photowalk

These are some photographs I took on the London Summer Photowalk that I ran as part of my photography training business. More to follow as I shot nearly a roll on my Olympus XA too, which are awaiting developing.

The walk started from London Bridge train station, right under the Shard and followed a 2.5 mile route around Borough, finishing at the wonderful George Inn on Borough High Street.

If you're looking for an interesting photowalk (or just walk), then maybe consider this route.

Street Portraiture Youth Workshop at The Photographers' Gallery

On Tuesday I had just emerged from a muddy field in Eridge after a weekend camping when I had a call out of the blue from an old photo buddy of mine, Ben Roberts. Ben was due to run a photography workshop for the Photographers' Gallery this week but due to unforeseen circumstances could no longer make it. He wondered if I could step in at short notice and help out and luckily the Photographers' Gallery felt I was suitable and we agreed.

Wedding and Interior Photography Courses at Hendall

I have been lucky enough to be running some photography courses at a wonderful venue near Crowborough, East Sussex.

Hendall is run by Nicola & Peter Young and they have done a fantastic job creating a beautiful event venue over the last few years. Set within the Sussex countryside with beautiful views, it's clear to see why they are rapidly becoming a top wedding venue in Sussex.

I have been running wedding photography courses there that teach you how to shoot wedding portraits in an authentic location. If you're interested in these courses, please see my list of current courses here.

Feedback from The Wedding Photography Shoot Workshop

I have been getting some great feedback from the first Wedding Photography Shoot Workshop. Many thanks to the participants for booking on the shoot and their kind words.

Fuji X Camera Tuition

Camera tuition is one of the most popular photography courses that I currently offer and because I exclusively use the Fuji X camera system I am now offering bespoke training for these cameras.

Whether your Fuji X camera is your first serious camera or maybe you've come from another system and are struggling to get to grips with it, I can help. I'm happy to offer advice on the telephone before you purchase your camera too.

New Wedding Photography Shoot Date Added

I have started running Wedding Photography Shoot Courses in Crowborough, East Sussex. The last one was fully sold out so I have now added a further date, this time it is being run on Wednesday 18th June. The course runs from 11am-4pm.

Large Prints for Sale

I have been producing some prints for home and the studio and the process has prompted me to offer some images as prints for sale.

Photography Courses Availability Update

This is a quick update on remaining places for upcoming photography courses as of 14th April 2014 - 11.00pm GMT.

Some of these course currently have early booking discounts. These discounts will only be available until Friday 18th April (Good Friday) at 11.59pm.

Prcoessing Fuji X-Trans RAW files in Adobe Lightroom 5.4

Just in the last few days Adobe released version 5.4 of Lightroom. This version gives some additional functionality when processing Fuji X RAW files, which I will get to in a moment.

As far as I am aware Adobe haven't changed how LR handles the demosaicing but I think it's already pretty good now, not perfect by a long shot, but pretty good. I'd love to see version 5.5 step up another level on this issue.

The additional functionality is the addition of being able to select the film profiles that we are used to seeing within the Fuji X Cameras, the Vevlia, Astia, Mono settings etc. They're not a perfect match for what you see on the Fuji JPGs, but it is a really good start.

My video here uses the Astia profile and then goes on to process from there.

Starting in the Photography Business - Learning Package

I get emails every so often from people who want to start a career in photography. Usually within wedding or portrait photography.

Earning a living doing something fun, something you love, has to be everyone's dream. So you really can't blame people for wanting a career in photography.

But just how realistic is it?
I think if you take the right steps then I think it is definitely a realistic prospect, but I don't want to fool you and pretend that it will be easy, it won't. There are a lot of people doing wedding photography right now and you will be just one of many in your area. You will have to work really hard and try to give yourself a head start.

I feel that wedding photography is an area that some people go in to blind, starting a photography business with no real knowledge or experience and then find it really difficult to succeed. To be honest, this is probably what I did and I learned the hard way.

I've been running photography courses now since 2008 and Wedding and Portrait Photography courses have played a part. I was running a group course dedicated to wedding photography and this was run over a number of weeks. Since then I have decided that bespoke 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 tuition is a better way to learn, because the individuals in those groups had different needs and requirements and dedicated 1-2-1 tuition is tailored to the individual.

Prints for Sale!

I'm offering some mounted prints for sale. Two size options at £50 and £100. I'll donate 10% of the print cost to a charity of your choice.

Interiors Photography Training for Engaging Interiors

Today I did a full day of photography training with an old school friend, Crispin Williams of Engaging Interiors. Crispin is a very talented interior designer creating modern looks for retail, bars and cafes.

Crispin wanted to get some tips and practical advice whilst actually shooting sites that he had previously designed. Improving his own photography so he can take great photographs of his handy work is a good idea, great photos will help sell his services to others.

Fuji X-Pro2 Wish List, X-E2 and Thoughts on the X-T1

It's been nearly 2 years since the Fuji X-Pro1 was released and I have owned that camera pretty much since it's launch. As you can see, the camera has a few wear marks due to constant use over that time period.

I thought it was time to put down some more thoughts on the system now that Fuji have pushed forward again with some new cameras. These articles that I write from time to time are meant to be useful to people who are contemplating buying in to the X system or maybe looking for some tips.

Making A Photobook

Those that know me, know that I have a passion for photobooks and for some time now have been making my own hand-made books. Making a book involves a number of skills of which I will be teaching in a brand new course that I am running from my studio in Crowborough, East Sussex.

How To Post on Tumblr

A quick post for those that are new to Tumblr on how to post images and view your blog.

30% Discount on Photography Course Gift Vouchers

I am currently offering a rather lovely 30% discount on my photography course gift vouchers on the lead up to Christmas.

Why not get that present you've been thinking about from the comfort and warmth of your home! All vouchers will now be posted 1st class the next working day. After Friday 20th December you can still collect the vouchers from my studio in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale

On Friday 29th November 2013 I am running some very special offers on photography courses. 'Black Friday' as it's now known is a day when retailers and businesses run special offers. 'Cyber Monday' (Monday 2nd December) has also become popular for online business to run special offers. I have decided to join the two together and offer up to 50% on selected photography courses for the entire weekend.

This is a great chance to treat yourself to an early Christmas present or to treat someone else in your life to a wonderful Christmas present.

Assassins Gym Shoot

Today I did a photoshoot at Assassins Gym in Crowborough. The gym is located on the Lexden Lodge estate opposite Crowborough Train Station.

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