Running photography courses is my core business and I'm very passionate and enthusiastic about making my courses the very best they can be. I operate from my studio in Crowborough, East Sussex, which is right on the Sussex and Kent border. Direct rail link from London Bridge which only takes 1 hour and my studio is just a 1 minute walk from Crowborough station.

"Despite nearly 20 years of photography experience between us, we were both keen to improve the standard of our pictures, and Andy was able to bring a new perspective to the process, unearthing one of those 'eureka' moments for both of us that has already made a massive difference to the number of shots that work first time.

Andy's relaxed, uncomplicated approach cut through the fog created by years of reading articles and books on the subject, and gave us a new appreciation of the interaction between aperture, ISO, and speed, plus a master class on spot metering in challenging light conditions."
James Pearce

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3 Legged Thing 'Brian' Tripod Review

This is my review of the 3 Legged Thing 'Brian' tripod or to give it it's full name, the X1.1 Brian Evolution 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod System with AirHed 1 Black.

I have now had the tripod a few weeks and have had several opportunities to use it and these are my observations.

Running A Photography Course for An Offshore Wind Farm

I was recently comissioned to write and deliver a 2 day bespoke photogrpahy course for a wind farm company.

This is was something really different to what I normally do with my photography training but something a really loved doing.

The company wanted to be able to take very detailed photographs of the wind turbine blades to aid the inspection process. The blades can get damaged over time with lightening strikes, bird strike or just general wear and tear. Being able to take high quality and high resolution images of the blade makes that inspection process easier and can also act as a record of their condition for digital reports.

Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 L Bracket Grip with Leather

This is a blog post about a £30 L Bracket Grip I purchased for Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 and then added leather to the grip.

Today's Batch of Photography Course Christmas Gift Vouchers

It's a busy time at the moment with people ordering photography courses as gifts for their loved ones. This is today's batch just off to the post office.

I've been busy producing the vouchers, the voucher wallets and packing them all together in lovely presentation gift boxes. The gift boxes have been really well received.

There is still time to order photography courses as gift vouchers and receive them in time for Christmas.

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