Portrait & Flash Workshop

We have a new Portrait and Flash workshop coming up!

The last workshop was popular and I would expect this to sell out quite quickly. The workshop is for just four attendees and we currently have three places available at time of writing.

This course is an introduction to creative world of portraiture utilising both the beautiful qualities of natural light and basic off-camera flash.

We will work in a small group of just 4 attendees with a lovely model who will have a couple of outfits changes to give some variation to your shots. Everyone wil get a good amount of time shooting with the model and I'm always on hand to help.

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New Fujifilm Workshops for Fujiholics in London

From February 2018 I will be running a number of dedicated Fujifilm X workshops in London for Fujiholics. These first workshops will be aimed at those that use Fujifilm X Cameras, specifically for beginners that are new to photography or those that are struggling with the transition from another brand of camera such as Nikon or Canon.

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A Green and Pleasant Land - Towner Gallery

I had the pleasure of visiting a great exhibition at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne.

The exhibition is mainly still photography, but there are some great film works, sculpture and painting. On display is work from over 50 artists all whom interpret urban and rural landscape with their own cultural, political or spiritual ideologies.

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Print your own Photobook, for free!

In this blog post I want to talk about printing your own photobooks. 

In my opinion being able to reproduce your photographs as prints or even better, as a photobook, is just the most wonderful thing ever. The printed image just seems like a much better way of viewing a photograph to me, something you can hold and touch seems more real than viewing a digital image on a computer screen or tablet.

The problem is that it's expensive to produce a photobook, isn't it?
Well the answer is yes but also definitely NO!

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Photoclub Creative in Tunbridge Wells and now in London!

I run a lot of different photography courses but my longest running course is Photoclub Creative. I wanted to do an introduction to this course for those who might be considering joining but know very little about it.

Photoclub Creative is a creative photography course that I run from the pub! The course is run over a 6 month period with the next season about to start in August 2017.

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