Photo: © Lorraine Pinkerton - White Paper assignment

Photo: © Lorraine Pinkerton - White Paper assignment


We meet at The Nevill Crest & Gun pub.

The Nevill Crest & Gun
Eridge Road, Eridge Green,
Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex, TN3 9JR


Everyone on the Photoclub courses can join the private Facebook Group to ask questions and share work-in-progress etc. You can request to join here if you have signed up for the Photoclub course.


You will need a password to access these assignments which you get when enrolled on the course.

1. Stranger Portraits & Environmental Portraits

2. Landscape Photography


February 2017 Season:

  1. Thursday 23rd February 2017 (7.30pm)
  2. Thursday 30th March 2017 (7.30pm)
  3. Thursday 27th April 2017 (7.30pm)
  4. Thursday 25th May (7.30pm)
  5. Thursday 29th June (7.30pm)
  6. Thursday 10th August (7.30pm)

Please note that meeting 6 is later than usual.


Deadlines for submitting your coursework.

  • Sunday 26th March 2017 (Midnight)
  • Sunday 23rd April 2017 (Midnight)
  • Sunday 21st May 2017 (Midnight)
  • Sunday 25th June 2017 (Midnight)
  • Sunday 6th August 2017 (Midnight)


See the photographs created by current and previous members of Photoclub Creative in the galleries at the bottom of this page.

Photoclub creative

Photoclub Creative is a 6 month long creative photography course. We run one version from the Nevill Crest & Gun pub in Eridge on the Kent and Sussex border, the other version is run completely online only and therefore can be taken from anywhere in the world.

The current season of Photoclub Creative started in February 2017 and finishes in August 2017. The next season of Photoclub Creative starts in August 2017.


Photoclub Creative is about being creative and learning with like-minded people in a social environment. You can also connect and share ideas with these and other Photoclub members online via a private Facebook group. If you're looking for something to inspire you, improve your skills and push your photography to the next level, then this could be for you!

The course runs for 6 months which means you get 5 creative assignments to take part in and feedback on your images over that time to help you improve.


This course is really for most levels of photographer, the beauty is that I give you feedback based on you as an individual so nobody gets left behind. You could be a quite well established photographer but want to push yourself out of your comfort zones and try some different things to get you excited and inspired. Equally you could be relatively new to photography and want to get on and improve your skills whilst having a lot of fun. As you are open-minded to learning and trying new things with your photography then I'm positive this course will improve your photography.

Assignments & Feedback

Some people ask me what the assignments might be for this course. I'm always writing new ones but I can give you a few examples of previous assignments, please take a look at the galleries in the list, these are photographs taken by current and previous Photoclub members.

Every month you will be given a new creative photography assignment. I have written many assignments over the years of running Photoclub and these have proved very popular. They are always written in such a way to push you creatively but also to hopefully teach you something technical along the way. There will be 5 assignments in total.

At the end of every month you will submit 5 of your best images. Deciding on those 5 can be difficult and again maybe the Facebook group will be a good resource to help you with that. Submitting your images is easy, we get you set up with Dropbox and it's a simple as copying and pasting your images in to a folder.

When I receive your images I will produce a video screencast of myself talking over your images and offering advice on how to improve. This critique/feedback is something that has proved very successful and useful to members. The video will appear back in your Dropbox folder just a few days after you submit.

After you receive your feedback you will also receive the next assignment and we get started all over again. There will be 5 assignments in total, you will be given the last assignment on the 5th month and on the 6th month to receive you final feedback.

Facebook Group

Every member will be invited to a private Facebook group and I would encourage you to share your work-in-progress, your thoughts and generally bounce ideas around. This group is used for all of my Photoclub groups.

Prints & Slideshow

Each member will also receive 6x4 inch prints of their 5 submitted photos. One member of the group will receive a 12x8 enlargement of one of their images, we call this the 'commended print'. It's far from being a competition, I just select one image that has caught my eye and give that print to the photographer.

We also do a slideshow of everyone's images whilst in the pub and this will also be published here on my website.

Other perks!

10% Discount on 1-2-1 photography tuition whilst a member of Photoclub Creative.

A free weekend workshop tied in to one of the assignments. This is by no way essential, but if you are free on the day of the workshops then you are welcome to join us.

Objectives of the course:

The course encourages you to be more creative, to push the boundaries and move outside your comfort zones. To find a genre or sub-genre of photography that perhaps you didn't even know existed and to progress and enjoy your photography.

The video screencast feedback will help you improve both technically and creatively.

What will you need?

A camera: a Digital SLR (DSLR), CSC, Bridge or Advanced Compact camera
A pen and pad to make some notes.
A mobile phone, tablet or laptop (actually not essential, but useful)


Q – Do I need to attend all meetings and complete all the assignments?
A – No you don't, but the more you can attend the more it will benefit both you and the group.

Q – I only have a compact camera, but love photography, can I join?
A – Yes, there are no restrictions based on the type of camera you own.

Q – I only shoot film, can I join?
A – Yes. However, to review your photos you will need to provide high resolution digital scans.

Q – How many people will be in the group?
A – Up to 10 individuals in the group.

Q – Can I pay in instalments?
A – Sometimes. Please contact me first.

I’m confident that I can help you improve your photography, but don’t take my word for it, read what my clients have said about my courses on the testimonials page.

Terms & Conditions
Any courses booked cannot be refunded or exchanged.
Any courses booked are non transferable.
For full terms and conditions please visit the T&Cs page


Photoclub Members' Gallery
Feb 2017 Season

Assignment 1:
Stranger Portraits...

For this assignment Photoclub members were asked to make portraits of strangers.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers.

Photoclub Members' Gallery
Aug 2016/Jan 2017 Season

Assignment 5:
Shoot Like...

For this assignment Photoclub members were asked to Shoot Like... a photographer of their choice and to let themselves be inspired them and to use something of theirs in their own set of images.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers.

Andy Russell (Shoots Like... Pornchai Mittongtare)  /  Angelo Gifford (Shoots Like... Saul Leiter)  /  Bloss Spink (Shoots Like... Irving Penn)  /  Liz Cottingham
(Shoots Like... Wolfgang Tillmans)  /  Lorraine Pinkerton (Shoots Like... Jack Spencer)  /  Lotte Garner (Shoots Like... Ansel Adams)  /  Steve McCabe (Shoots Like... Martin Parr)

Assignment 4:
Night Photography

For this assignment Photoclub members were asked to photograph at night in either half light or complete darkness. This could be done with long exposures, high ISO or with flash/artificial light.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers.

Assignment 3:
Through Different Eyes

For this assignment Photoclub members were asked to find someone to interview and to ask this person questions about the area they live in. It was then the photographer's responsibility to photograph through that person's eyes, taking photographs that represented the way that person felt about their area.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers.

Assignment 2:
New Landscape Photography

For this assignment Photoclub members were asked to use the landscape to create a narrative in their images, we used examples of the New Topographics group and the blog New Landscape Photography as inspiration.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers.

Assignment 1:
White Paper

For this assignment Photoclub members were asked to photograph one piece of plain white paper against a plain white background. They could choose to fold or roll the paper, some choosing make origami objects. They could light the scene in whatever way they want and also choose to colour the lights.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers.