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1-2-1 Photography Courses


Camera tuition is one of the most popular photography courses that I currently offer. The beauty of 1-2-1 tuition is that it can be tailored to the individual so you can learn in the specific areas that you need to.

Some of the areas of tuition that can be covered are:

  • Camera Settings (basic to advanced)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Studio Lighting
  • Colour Management & Printing
  • Interiors Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Creative Photography

Camera Settings

Learning about your camera and it's settings is important so you can be confident in achieving consistent results. The good news is that it's not actually too difficult, usually a complete beginner can gain the basic knowledge needed in a few hours or so.

My aim is get you move you away from the fully automatic modes and have you controlling exposure and depth of field. I break it down in to simple elements and guide you through some notes I have created, these are yours to take home with you afterwards. I do however recommend jotting down some notes of your own as this often aids the learning process.

The second part of the process is to have you control your camera and set all of the settings we have discussed. When you’re confident we can head outside to take some photographs with me on hand at all times to help you. If the weather isn’t good we can take some test photos in my studio.

Some of the specific topics covered are:

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Shooting Modes: Programme, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Light Metering
  • White Balance
  • Software
  • Raw v JPG
  • Auto Focus Modes

In addition to Camera Tuition, I offer 1-2-1 tuition in a whole range of areas, please see below for more details.

1-2-1 tuition is offered in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 hour sessions at my studio in Crowborough, East Sussex. I would say that the average booking is normally between 3 and 4 hours, but if you're unsure how long you think you need please feel free to give me a call to discuss.

Crowborough is situated on the Kent and Sussex border near Tunbridge Wells. Crowborough has a direct rail link with London Bridge and is easily reached from the coast too.

I can visit you to do the training but there is a minimum session time of 3 hours and an addition charge of £1 per mile (round trip) for travel time and expenses.

Prices start from just £50 per hour and when booking 2-5 hours you will receive an incremental discount. The longer the session, the more you save!

You can also save money by sharing a session with a friend for 1-2-2 training. Prices start at £75 for 1 hour and you also receive the incremental discount.

Once you have purchased your 1-2-1 tuition please just give me a call to discuss a convenient time for your training.

Weekday daytime prices:

1 hour for 1 person - £50 / 1 hour for 2 people - £75
2 hours for 1 person - £95 (£5 saving) / 2 hours for 2 people - £142.50 (£7.50 saving)
3 hours for 1 person - £135 (£15 saving) / 3 hours for 2 people - £202.50 (£22.50 saving)
4 hours for 1 person - £170 (£30 saving) / 4 hours for 2 people - £255 (£45 saving)
5 hours for 1 person - £200 (£50 saving) / 5 hours for 2 people - £300 (£75 saving)

1-2-1 Photography Courses (Weekday Daytime)
from 50.00
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Weekday evening and Weekend prices:

1 hour for 1 person - £60 / 1 hour for 2 people - £85
2 hours for 1 person - £115 (£5 saving) / 2 hours for 2 people - £172.50 (£7.50 saving)
3 hours for 1 person - £165 (£15 saving) / 3 hours for 2 people - £247.50 (£22.50 saving)
4 hours for 1 person - £210 (£30 saving) / 4 hours for 2 people - £315 (£45 saving)
5 hours for 1 person - £250 (£50 saving) / 5 hours for 2 people - £375 (£75 saving)

1-2-1 Photography Courses (Weekday Evening & Weekends)
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Software Tuition

I currently offer tuition in what I consider to be the most important applications: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop CS. Digital photography is very much a two step process and using software properly could be the difference between a good photo and a brilliant one. If you're currently shooting in JPG mode, switching to RAW and leaning how to process your images correctly with one of these packages could improve your photography beyond what any new lens or camera could - it's that important! If you want to choose one application my advice would be to choose Adobe Lightroom.

Colour Management & Printing

Being able to print your own photographs is a wonderful thing. It seems wrong that a photograph should be trapped inside a PC all it’s life. To print, hold and see a printed photograph really is a special thing.

But printing your own photos is not as straight forward as you might think. There is obviously a cost involved but there is a steep learning curve too, you have to calibrate your monitor and use colour profiles to achieve accurate results. I can walk you through all of this process and even give you the information you need to get you set up with a printer and save a lot of money too.

Some of the things we can cover…

  • Using a hardware calibrator to calibrate your monitor.
  • Some colour correction in Lightroom.
  • Installing colour profiles in to Lightroom.
  • Soft proofing.
  • Printing.
  • Third party ink systems and papers

Studio Tuition

Tuition in the studio is also offered and this could be in either portrait, still life or product photography. Learning about lighting is a very good skill to have and will help you achieve stunning results. Whether you want to push your portraits to the next level, experiment is still life or perhaps you run a business where you need to photograph your products to a professional standard - then I can help you.

Gift Vouchers

Any of my courses can be purchased as a gift, please just let me know when purchasing and I will send you a gift voucher by post. Alternatively head over to the Gift Voucher page to purchase a monetary value.

I’m confident that I can help you improve your photography, but don’t take my word for it, read what my clients have said about my courses.

James Pearce
Course attended:


Having received the very generous gift of vouchers from our other halves allowing us a three hour two to one session with Andy, a friend and I were incredibly impressed by what we got from that session.

Despite nearly 20 years of photography experience between us, we were both keen to improve the standard of our pictures, and Andy was able to bring a new perspective to the process, unearthing one of those 'eureka' moments for both of us that has already made a massive difference to the number of shots that work first time.

Andy's relaxed, uncomplicated approach cut through the fog created by years of reading articles and books on the subject, and gave us a new appreciation of the interaction between aperture, ISO, and speed, plus a master class on spot metering in challenging light conditions.

We're already planning another session, this time on location to improve our composition.
If you are a novice or an experienced amateur looking to finesse your skills, I'd recommended Andy without hesitation.

James Pearce

Danny Clarke
Course attended:


My girlfriend gave me a one-to-one session with Andy as a birthday present which she selected after looking at a few (more local) options as she got a 'good feeling we'd get along' after speaking to him - she couldn't have been more right. 

Although I'd had an interest for a while (mostly from a viewers perspective), prior to my session pretty much all I really knew about photography was that other people's pictures always looked better than mine, but with a baby on the way I was keen to capture the memories as best I could.

During the session Andy went through the core concepts individually and how they relate to each other as well as demonstrating how these are accessed/controlled on the camera and the effect they have on the resulting pictures, followed up with a wander around the local area (he came to me) to take some sample snaps.

Fuelled by the new found knowledge and enthusiasm I plagued Andy with questions for advice (which he was most generous with) and took the plunge and bought a new camera, lens and software.  The end result of which is a new hobby and some great pictures of the new arrival which I'll treasure forever so I couldn't be happier.

I will definitely be following up my initial session so if you're looking for some help at any skill level I couldn't recommend him enough!

Danny Clarke

Carol Bowman
Course attended:


Having experienced several photographic courses over the years and never got to grips with the technical side of photography, I was actually at a place where I wanted to give up. My husband gave me a voucher for 1-2-1 tuition with Andy for my birthday as a last resort to help me.

From the moment I met Andy I knew that there was hope! I have now had several 1-2-1 sessions & have learnt so much in a very brief space of time. I have found that instead of blinding you with science, Andy pares things down so that the information makes sense & is completely user friendly.

Andy has to be THE most friendly, patient & understanding teacher ever. He is always very happy to go over things again & again. His enthusiasm is infectious & he is great to be around! I wholeheartedly recommend Andy for photographic tuition whether it be out in the field or in a classroom situation.

Carol Bowman

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