Brighton Geo Photowalk

  • Moksha Caffe 4-5 York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU UK
London Geo Photowalk

London Geo Photowalk

A photowalk is a social gathering of photographers dedicating time to photography (and socialising).

Any city always throws up lots of photographic opportunities, but I don’t think it can be denied that Brighton is one of the most cosmopolitan and that makes it a superb place to shoot.

This isn’t just any ordinary photowalk though, it’s a Geocaching Photowalk. I will be supplying you an assignment sheet on the day with a number of QR codes for you to scan with your mobile phone and these will take you to map locations around the city. Simply head to these locations and photograph in your own unique way. You will travel around the city in small groups taking photos as you go. If you are planning on coming along on your own you can choose to head to the locations on your own or be more social and join another group one the day.

All participants will need to upload 1 image for each location to a website by midnight the day after the event (Sunday). This will become an online exhibition space for these GeoPhotowalks. From time to time there may even be physical exhibitions too.

  • 10am: meet for coffee (meet earlier for breakfast if you like).
  • 10.30am: head out to various GPS locations around the city
  • 3.30pm: Meet up for drinks.
  • 4.30pm: Close

We will walk around various parts of the city, in small groups. I will always be reachable on my mobile (07553 848689).

This is an organised event and I will be giving everyone a project sheet for the day. This will include GPS co-ordinates for you to navigate you way round – at least one person in your group will need a smart phone or tablet capable of using Google maps.

Prices are £10 per person but there are some early booking offers available.

25% discount until SEPTEMBER 21ST 2013

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