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Photoclub Creative Facebook (March - August 2019)

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Photoclub Creative Facebook
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Photoclub Creative on Facebook

Level: All levels

Brief Overview

This course is an extension of my already very popular 'Photoclub Creative' photography course that is run from the pub. This course is exactly the same except this version is run completely online and be done from anywhere in the world.

Photoclub Creative Facebook is about being creative and learning with like-minded people that you connect and share ideas with online. If you're looking for something to inspire you, improve your skills and push your photography to the next level, then this could be for you!

Who am I?

Photoclub was one of the first courses that I started running and it has evolved over time to what it is now. We soon found that some people couldn't make the meetings but still wanted to be involved, so I came up with Photoclub Creative Facebook.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me then please visit the 'About' page

This course

This season of Photoclub Creative Facebook starts in March 2019 and runs for 6 months. This means you get 5 creative assignments to take part in.

Some people ask me what the assignments might be for this course. I'm always writing new ones but I can give you a few examples of previous assignments to give you an idea.
Street Photography, Night Photography, Self Portraits, Stranger Portraits, One Day Journey, Landscape Stories and Still Life, to name but a few. I'm always encouraging people to push themselves and be as creative as possible, so night photography doesn't have to just be about car light trials, there is so much more to explore and this really is the essence of Photoclub.

What level of photographer is this course for?

This course is really for most levels of photographer, you could be a quite well established photographer but want to push yourself out of your comfort zones and try some different things to get you excited and inspired. Equally you could be relatively new to photography and want to get on and improve your skills whilst having a lot of fun. As you are open-minded to learning and trying new things with your photography then I'm positive this course will improve your photography.

The benefit of the online course is that you can take part anywhere in the world, providing you have a pretty good understanding of English and you are on Facebook, that's it!

Pricing & booking

£49 for 1 person for 6 months

Price includes:
5 creative assignments
Included in Online Slideshow
Membership to Photoclub Creative Facebook Group
10% Discount on 121 Training

Ideal present

This course can be purchased for yourself but it also makes an ideal gift. Please let me know when booking if it is a present so I can arrange for a gift voucher to be sent to you. There is no additional cost for a voucher.

More course detail

  • Every month you will be given a creative photography assignment. I have written many assignments over the years of running Photoclub and these have proved very popular. They are always written in such a way to push you creatively but also to hopefully teach you something technical along the way.

  • Once enrolled, you will be part of a 6 month long creative photography course. Although you will be doing this course online from your home, you will be able to connect with others all doing the same assignment in the Photoclub community via Facebook.

  • Every member will be invited to the private Facebook group and I would encourage you to share your work-in-progress, your thoughts and generally bounce ideas around. All members will be doing the same assignment.

  • At the end of every month you will submit 5 of your best images. Deciding on those 5 can be difficult and again maybe the Facebook group will be a good resource to help you with that. Submitting your images is easy, we get you set up with Dropbox and it's a simple as copying and pasting your images in to a folder.

  • When I receive your images I will include them in an online slideshow of everyone’s work. I will do this via my website

  • After this you will also receive the next assignment and we get started all over again. There will be 5 assignments in total, you will be given the last assignment on the 5th month.

Other perks!

  • Discounts on other Photography Courses
    10% Discount on 1-2-1 Photography Courses

Terms & Conditions
Any courses booked cannot be refunded or exchanged.
Any courses booked are non transferable.
For full terms and conditions please visit the T&Cs page

Alison Hall
Course attended:


I have been participating in this 6-month course since August 2012 and have found it to be both fun and inspiring.

Andrew is very approachable and is able to cater for all abilities (I am at the beginner end of the spectrum).

The class is quite informal and we share images with classmates at each meeting which is really

As the meetings are monthly, it leaves time to do each of the varied 'tasks' even if you have a busy schedule. The private Facebook Group gives a sense of community between meetings and you can post for feedback on photos or to ask advice. Everyone is friendly.

I am learning a lot but feel like it is at a pace dictated by my own interests and time.

Alison Hall

Susanna Daniel
Course attended:


I took one of Andy's six month Photoclub in the pub courses and really enjoyed it. I have only dabbled in photography and don't even have a fancy camera, but that didn't matter; Andrew sets assignments that puts you out of your comfort zone and forces you to take pictures that you would never otherwise think of taking. For that reason alone it is great; really makes you think and see things in a different way.

The feedback was always really useful and we could learn as much of the technical side of things as we wanted.

Meeting in the pub once a month is a great idea as it makes it all less formal and easy to talk about the assignment, and photography in general.

I would recommend this course to anyone, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced photographer.

Susanna Daniel

Liz Cottingham
Course attended:


Great club. Lots of practical advice and inspiration.

I enjoyed the monthly tasks which were supported by excellent source material. A really inspiring alternative to conventional camera clubs I have been to.

Liz Cottingham

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