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Photoclub in the Pub (February-July 2015)


Photoclub is about being creative and learning with like-minded people in a social environment. If you're looking for something to inspire you, improve your skills and push your photography to the next level, then this is for you!

The course has 6 monthly meetings over a 6 month period.

We currently have two locations, the first meets on the Tuesday at The Pelham Arms in Lewes, East Sussex and the second meets at The Nevil Crest & Gun in Eridge on Wednesday and Thursday.

Meetings start at 7.30pm and run to approximately 9.00pm.
The first meeting dates are:

Lewes (Group 1): Tuesday 24th February 2015
Eridge (Group 2): Wednesday 25th February 2015
Eridge (Group 3): Thursday 26th February 2015

 © Anna Waterhouse – Photoclub in the Pub (Sevenoaks) – Poetry of the Everyday Assignment

© Anna Waterhouse – Photoclub in the Pub (Sevenoaks) – Poetry of the Everyday Assignment

How does it work?

6 monthly meetings at the pub
Meeting in the pub makes this course quite unique, fun and social.

Creative assignments set every month
These are designed to push you out of your comfort zone to expand your creativity and technical skill. I’ll bring books by photographers relevant to the assignment to help inspire you.

Feedback on your photos
Every month you will receive screencast video feedback on your 5 submitted photographs.

Prints of your photographs
Every month you will receive your 5 submitted photos as 6×4 inch sized prints.

The Commended Print
Every month I choose 1 photo that really caught my eye be produced as a large 18×12 inch print, this will be given to the photographer to keep.

Online support via the Closed Facebook Group
Every member will be invited to a private Facebook Group for Photoclub in the Pub members. This is a good place to come and bounce ideas around, share photos and ask questions.

Exhibit at the annual Photoclub in the Pub exhibition
Every year I will be curating an exhibition of work by Photoclub in the Pub members. Everyone will have a chance of being included for a fee to cover costs.

Discounts on other Photography Courses
I am now offering 20% discount on 1-2-1 photography courses and 10% discount on all other photography courses for Photoclub in the Pub members.

If you are not totally sure this is for you, you can always buy a one month trial of Creative Assignments (my online version of Photoclub) for £25 which gives you one assignment and one feedback. You'll need to do this by 1st January to give you time to complete one full cycle before the first meeting in February. 


 © Ashley Dowson – Photoclub in the Pub (Sevenoaks) – Wildlife Assignment

© Ashley Dowson – Photoclub in the Pub (Sevenoaks) – Wildlife Assignment


Q – Do I need to attend all meetings and complete all the assignments?
A – No you don't, but the more you can do will benefit the you and the group.

Q – I only have a compact camera, but love photography, can I join?
A – Yes, there are no restrictions based on the type of camera you own.

Q – I only shoot film, can I join?
A – Yes. However, to review your photos you will need to provide digital scans.

Q – How many people will take part in each local group?
A – Up to 10 individuals in each local group.

Q – Can I pay in installments?
A – Sometimes. Please contact me first.

I’m confident that I can help you improve your photography, but don’t take my word for it, read what my clients have said about my courses.


Alison Hall
Course attended:


I have been participating in this 6-month course since August 2012 and have found it to be both fun and inspiring.

Andrew is very approachable and is able to cater for all abilities (I am at the beginner end of the spectrum).

The class is quite informal and we share images with classmates at each meeting which is really

As the meetings are monthly, it leaves time to do each of the varied 'tasks' even if you have a busy schedule. The private Facebook Group gives a sense of community between meetings and you can post for feedback on photos or to ask advice. Everyone is friendly.

I am learning a lot but feel like it is at a pace dictated by my own interests and time.

Alison Hall

Susanna Daniel
Course attended:


I took one of Andy's six month Photoclub in the pub courses and really enjoyed it. I have only dabbled in photography and don't even have a fancy camera, but that didn't matter; Andrew sets assignments that puts you out of your comfort zone and forces you to take pictures that you would never otherwise think of taking. For that reason alone it is great; really makes you think and see things in a different way.

The feedback was always really useful and we could learn as much of the technical side of things as we wanted.

Meeting in the pub once a month is a great idea as it makes it all less formal and easy to talk about the assignment, and photography in general.

I would recommend this course to anyone, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced photographer.

Susanna Daniel

Liz Cottingham
Course attended:


Great club. Lots of practical advice and inspiration.

I enjoyed the monthly tasks which were supported by excellent source material. A really inspiring alternative to conventional camera clubs I have been to.

Liz Cottingham

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