The Ghyll is a nature reserve about 5 minutes walk from where I live in Crowborough, East Sussex. Somewhere I knew of but never really spent much time, until I started this project. I thought it would be interesting to explore what is right on my doorstep and have been doing so since August 2012.

This project is often a therapeutic experience for me and one that does me a great deal of good. I suffer from anxiety and sometimes bouts of this can be quite debilitating. But just standing still, quietly listening, smelling and looking can be almost meditative. I lose myself in the process of making images here for an hour or two at a time.

The child in me finds the process of 'exploring' exciting, I’m often making new routes through thicker areas of woodland in search of a new scene to photograph. Although sometimes I'm probably only a couple of hundred yards from a housing estate, for a moment I can feel completely lost.

Constant themes in these landscape images are signs of human life, which tell their own stories. These hint at the how the landscape is used for many different purposes and can sometimes be quite fleeting, literally being washed down stream by the next visit.

I’m also interested in the parallels between nature and life itself.