© Samantha Newson

© Samantha Newson

Andrew Newson

I’ve been fascinated by photography for almost as long as I can remember, right from my earliest experiences as a child through to the now. I still find photography as exciting now as I did then.

Photography Courses

I started offering photography courses in 2008. I was having an exhibition of my work when a visitor asked if I knew anyone who offered photography tuition. They needed some help with basic studio lighting to take photos of their family as they were growing up.  I explained that I had never done this but that I was willing to try and help them. This became my first ever 1-2-1 workshop! They were really happy with the session and I got a tremendous buzz from seeing them enjoy photography.

My courses have gone fro strength-to-strength and I now offer a wide portfolio of different courses, trips and events throughout the year.  My business is 99% photography tuition and this means all my efforts go in to my courses and teaching.

I'm very passionate about photography and I'm sure my enthusiasm shows through in my teaching.


Photography is a way of life for me, whether it's photos of my daughters or a personal art project, I always have my camera with me. I like to keep my work and personal photography varied, this keeps me inspired and driven to always better myself.

I live in Crowborough with my wife, two daughters and various pets! We enjoy exploring the Sussex countryside and going on adventures in our campervan.


I started off my working life in printing and then later as a graphic designer within an agency. Photography was just a hobby for me, but after a while the agency saw some potential in me and bought me my first digital SLR. I became in-house photographer for them carrying out various assignments around the country.

After the agency I worked freelance as a photographer doing commercial work and wedding photography.


I have been published in printed magazines, online magazines and collaboration projects:

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