Making A Photobook


Those that know me, know that I have a passion for photobooks and for some time now have been making my own hand-made books.

The book you see above has a stitched text block, bound in signatures. This stitching process will make sure the book is very durable and will last a long time. The cover is then produced and glued to the text block.

Making a book involves a number of skills of which I will be teaching in a brand new course that I am running from my studio in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Firstly you must have a number of images/photos for inclusion in your photobook. We then need to sequence those images so your book flows well and makes sense.

The next stage is make a book dummy, so we can mark it up with what images go on what pages. This will then give is the layout for our spreads. Because when we make a book that is made up of signatures it's a bit more complicated than just laying out one image after another, the have to appear on the correct pages.


Once we have this book dummy we can then take each individual sheet and create Photoshop files for each sheet. We can choose to include some text, page numbers or just leave as the photos only. Then we can print the sheets that will make up our book.

When we have the printed sheets we can begin to score, fold and stitch together the signatures. Once all signatures are stitched we can then produce our cover. It's best to wait until this stage so we can measure the width of the pages all together so we can allow enough for a spine on the cover.

What we end up with is a beautiful hand-made photobook that would be great as a portfolio of your work or perhaps a special gift for someone.