Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 L Bracket Grip with Leather

© Andrew Newson

© Andrew Newson

I recently purchsased a cheap L bracket grip for my Fuji X-E2.

I purchased this from a seller on Amazon called XCSOURCE, I would link to the exact prodcut (LB-XE1) but unfortunately it seems it's currently out of stock.

I found lots of options for these grips and some are as much as £75. Well I shopped around and decided not to go for the very cheapest, but for a slightly more expensive version that has a slot for a coin as well as an allen key bolt, for fixing to the camera. I figured that I am going to be out somewhere and need to remove the grip for some reason and be without an allen key, the extra few pounds seemed like a good idea.

The grip cost £30 and it fits just fine and allows access to the battery compartment and SD card, very useful!

I bought the grip for when I'm shooting landscapes in the winter. That is the time I normally throw myself in to a project which involves early starts and cold temperatures. I wanted something that added some bulk to the camera as sometimes I will be wearning gloves and also had an arca swiss plate for attaching to an arca swiss head on a tripod.

I recently purchased myself a 3 Legged Thing 'Brian' tripod which I think is fantastic and I will be doing a review here very soon. The head that came with the tripod is arca swiss and it allowed me to use this grip to mount the camera straight on instead of the supplied baseplate. It means I don't have to remove the baseplate every time I need to replace a bettery (or SD card). It also allows me to have the lens centred over the tripod.

The 3 Legged Thing tripod heads have a brass security pin that helps eliminate the camera slipping off if the clamp is loose. I wondered how that would work with this grip, but actually it does work, you can easily slide the camera in to position and the pin will click in a gap and would indeed secure the camera somewhat if the clamp was loose.

My only very slight issue is when removing the camera, you cannot slide it back out so you have to loosen the clamp a fair amount to remove it and I have noticed that the brass pin is wearing the internal edge of the grip very slightly. You can actually remove the pin on the head but I really don't find it a major problem and I decided to have that added security and live with that very slight issue.

I tried out the grip on a couple of early morning shoots and found it to be nice to use accept it is very cold on the hands in cold temperatures because of the bare aluminium, even through gloves! So I decided to purchase some sticky backed leather (viynl), the kind used on cameras. I made myself a template and created a leather wrap for the the grip. It took a Saturday morning and a couple of attempts at the template but I'm pretty pleased with the result.

I'm going to see how well it lasts for a couple of weeks and then may offer this is a service. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks very much.

© Andrew Newson

© Andrew Newson