The New Fuji X-T10 - A Game Changer?

© Fujifilm

© Fujifilm

We have been hearing rumours about a new Fuji camera heading our way, well it's now been annoounced and it is the Fuji X-T10.

The Fuji X-T10 is essentially a cheaper and smaller version of the excellent Fuji X-T1. Of course there are some compromises but you do still get a very good camera indeed.

The camera is small and light, features a tilt LCD screen, electronic viewfinder, wifi, ergonomic design with improved layout, X-Trans CMOS II sensor for high resolution images with lots of detail and great low light performance. No official weather sealing though and the electronic viewfinder is not as big as that of the X-T1.

I'm assuming the camera comes with the new firmaware that will be released very soon for the Fuji X-T1 which will add super fast auto focus, amongst other things.

I just checked on WEX Photographic and they are doing pre-orders on the camera body only for £499 and with the 16-50 XC lens for £599 or choose the high spec 18-55 XF lens for £799.

The camera plus the price make this little pocket rocket a game changer in my opinion. The X-T1 has already been very successful for Fuji, I think the most successful of this range. Now they are giving people and even more affrodable way in that comes closer to the cost of an entry level SLR.

I teach photography and sometimes I get calls from people wanting advice on what camera to purchase before booking training with me. Budget is usually a big factor and if you want great quality pictures from a camera that is versatile then something like a Nikon D3300 is a very good option. But this camera may change my advice, if you can stretch that little bit further with your budget then this is going to be the camera I recommend.

Portability is something that my students talk about, being able to take your camera pretty much everywhere with you is not always easy, the smaller and lighter the camera, the more easy that is. That for me counts for a lot!

The image sensors on these cameras are some of the best APS-C image sensors around in my opinion, producing fantastic results, even for large prints.

I'm not sure about the XC lens compared to the likes of the Canon and Nikon kit lenses, but I can tell you that the XF 18-55 lens is a much better quality lens than those Nikon and Canon options.

Of course at the moment the X-T10 comes in at almost twice the cost of an entry level SLR and this may not be quite close enough to that of the entry level SLRs. However, I'd expect this to drop within a couple of months. If the camera and lens come down by £100 or £150 it would make the kit £449-£499 and I think that would be a very attractive option for a lot of new photographers who are reasonably serious about taking great photos.

You can read more about the camera here: and here