Member Spotlight - Angelo Gifford

Orangerie Gallery, Paris, Apr 2016 - © Angelo Gifford

This is a new feature that we will be running on the blog and highlighting in our monthly newsletter. We will choose some images from a member of one of the groups that we run and showcase their images.

This month with we kick off with the wonderful street photographs from Angelo Gifford. I've seen his images go from srength-to-strength and he is creating some really strong images in this genre.

Angelo has done a few courses and events with me, such as the Lake District Photography Holiday, the Paris Photography Workshop and Photoclub Creative.

Recently I asked members of Photoclub Creative to take 5 photographs and produce an exhibition all in one month! Angelo presented some of his street images that he took during the month at his exhibition that he installed in his work place.

Angelo's exhibition for Photoclub Creative

Angelo's exhibition for Photoclub Creative

I wanted to show a range of Angelo's images and ask him what his thoughts are about is photography so far. Here is what Angelo has to say...

I have been practicing a style of photography known as street photography for around 18 months. This form of photography involves walking around urban places (mostly) and attempting to capture moments of life candidly without asking for permission. I started it when I was facing a break in evening classes on photography, and I felt this would be a new challenge and something quite different from the outdoors nature oriented photography I had done before.
My first experience was to go on a workshop and that was where I was introduced to many new ideas. When capturing a scene in public, you are encouraged to use a wide to normal length lens from 28mm to 50mm. It means you need to get within two to six feet of people to take photo. It can give a picture a feeling of involvement or if you step back, some context in the surroundings. It does feel like you are intruding into peoples’ personal space, and it does take some time to get accustomed to that. Mostly I find many people are quite cool or indifferent, or perhaps don’t want to make a fuss.
The challenge with a street photo is to find a scene that can create some interest where you have little control over the elements of scene. It might be an interesting posture, such as a person relaxing on a park bench, an interesting expression on a face, or a lively gesture. I find an interesting background can help be the basis for an image. So waiting briefly can yield results until someone interesting enters the frame.
Simplicity in a scene can help an image gain a clearer focus and as I began to focus on having less cluttered scenes with perhaps one person, so I felt some pictures became more involving. But that is one type of image and street photography is filled with many types. Some people like capturing silhouettes, or interesting architecture with a person walking through. As I look forward, I am interested in finding pictures that have interaction or movement that perhaps show a livelier side or greater emotion. I have experimented with viewing through dirty or condensated glass, using long shutter speeds, or working with reflections in glass. There is enormous variety of techniques to try in this genre.
My continuing interest has motivated me to try a go out at least once a fortnight to practice. I find the challenges of creating picture that works reasonably is something that makes me work harder at trying to be more inventive. Practice helps us improve, and this style of photography helps me attempt to keep working those creative muscles.

Three ways - Paris, Apr 2016 - © Angelo Gifford

No nonsense - near Sacre Coere, Paris, Apr 2016 - © Angelo Gifford

Relaxing - near Marmotem museum, Paris, Apr 2016 - © Angelo Gifford

Mayfair, London, Nov 2015 - © Angelo Gifford

Umbrella - Hastings, Apr 2016 - © Angelo Gifford

Red Hair - Brighton, Feb 2016 - © Andrew Newson

All images © Angeo Gifford

If you would like to follow Angelo and view more of his wonderful images, please head over to his Instagram feed.