Photography Trip to Swanage, Dorset (September 2016)

Kissing Couple, Durdle Door, Dorset - September 2016 © Andrew Newson

We have just returned from another fantastic Photography Trip, this time to Swanage in Dorset. 

There were 7 people attending the course and a lovely bunch they were too.

We decided to meet in a local pub for a dinner on the evening of Friday 9th September. The King's Arms in Langton Matravers turned out to be a good choice with the staff going out of their way to make sure everything was okay for us.

Whilst having dinner we were checking the weather forecast for the Saturday morning for our first scheduled walk at sunrise. It didn't look good with heavy rain forecast but better weather forecast for the afternoon. We decided not to meet at sunrise but to re-group in the afternoon for the planned visit to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. We re-scheduled the early morning walk for the Sunday.

The rain did come on the Saturday morning and I wondered whether it would really clear for the afternoon.

Umbrella Man, Langton Matravers - © Andrew Newson

Graveyard in the rain, Langton Matravers - © Andrew Newson

The weather did improve upon our arrival to Durdle Door and so we set off from Durdle Door over the hill to Lulworth Cove.

Lulworth Cove in distance © Andrew Newson

Some photos from Lulworth Cove.

Lulworth Cove Diptych - © Andrew Newson

Floral Tribute at Lulworth Cove - © Andrew Newson

All too often we want our landscapes completely void of people, but for me sometimes they can really add something so I decided it's better to take advantage rather than try to avoid.

I also managed to take a portrait of the artist who was hand painting sea shells, who when pictured was painting in the names of my daughters. I asked if he minded me taking a photo and he agreed and thanked me for asking, he said so many people don't bother.

Portrait of an artist - © Andrew Newson

People in the landscape - © Andrew Newson

People in the landscape - © Andrew Newson

© Andrew Newson

Arriving back at Man O' War Beach and Durdle Door.

The light was looking good but there were some dark clouds rolling in and it really could have gone either way. Luckily for us they held back just a bit and actually improved the conditions for taking photos.

Swimmers at Man O' Way Beach - © Andrew Newson

Dette (one of the attendees of the course in action) - © Andrew Newson

Photographer capturing the scene at Durdle Door - © Andrew Newson

Not just people in the landscape, but dogs too :-)

Beautiful Mable, another attendee of the course - © Andrew Newson

Man O' War Beach, Dorset - © Andrew Newson

When the sun dipped we headed back up the hill to the carpark where Samantha was cooking up Chilli Con Carne for everyone. Served with a paper cup of Pinot Noir and we watched the moon shimmer over the ocean.

Terrible phone photos, but I did just about mange to document that too.

Most of the group - © Andrew Newson

Most of the group - © Andrew Newson

The moon shimmers over the ocean - © Andrew Newson

The moon shimmers over the ocean - © Andrew Newson

By this time we were all feeling tired and decided to call it a night and arranged to meet the following morning at 6am for a walk to Dancing Ledge.

The walk from our campsite (Tom's Field) was only about 30 minutes, probably less if we hadn't of made a slight detour! Still we arrived as the sun was rising and it was well worth the walk.

Caroline Shoots, Dancing Ledge, Dorset - © Andrew Newson

Dancing Ledge, Dorset - © Andrew Newson

Found Structure - © Andrew Newson

Rested Tripod - © Andrew Newson

Steps back up - © Andrew Newson

At this point we walked back to have breakfast and this trip came to a conclusion.

We decided to have some family time in Swanage where the folk festival was on. A great finish to our trip with some nice weather and good food. 

Irish Dancing, Swanage Folk Festival - © Andrew Newson

My daughters enjoying the Irish Dancing - © Andrew Newson

Seafood Platter, Swanage, Dorset - © Andrew Newson

We plan to make another trip to Dorset in September 2017. If you would like to come along, please just contact me via the Contact Page.

Many thanks,
Andy & Samantha Newson