Brighton Photowalk (September 2016)

Fisherman through Afloat sculpture © Andrew Newson

This Saturday I ran a Photowalk in Brighton. It's always great fun running a walk in Brighton, so diverse with lots to see and do.

We met at Cafe Coho near to Brighton train station where we had a quick snack and some good coffee whilst chatting about the format of the day.

Photowalks are pretty informal, a social gathering of people who enjoy photography. I usually try to devise some sort of structure for the day, just for fun and to help kick start the creativity.

This time around we had a few themes...

  • RGB
    Images that predominantly contain either Red, Green or Blue. Of course you could mix it up and combine them.
  • Emotion
    This is a really difficult one, but the idea was simply to try and portray emotion in a  photo.
  • 1 Hour Photo
    Between 4pm and 5pm I set the task to split up and head out to try and document that 1 hour somehow. This could show the passing of time specific to the one hour or be more abstract.

We headed off through the streets of Brighton and down to London Road and the indoor market.

Market - © Andrew Newson

R (Red) Market - © Andrew Newson

R (Red) Improvisation © Andrew Newson

R (Red) - © Andrew Newson

G (Green) - © Andrew Newson

B (Blue) - © Andrew Newson

I had some initial ideas on the 1 hour photo theme and then had second thoughts and suddenly I felt the pressure! I really hadn't a clue what to do. Really I should have stayed with my original idea, which was to try and photograph people's hands with their watch on display showing the time. I thought this would have showed the time through the hour visually and the type and style of watch might tell us something about the person. I think also that people's hands themselves might tell us something about the individual, certainly a hint at their age which also reflects the passing of time.

15 minutes in to the 1 hour I decided to do something fun, to try to visit as many landmarks around Brighton and ask people to photograph me in front of that landmark. The ultimate tourist photograph which is far from what I would normally do, as it's not actually that often that I appear in a photograph at all. It was silly and a bit of fun, I like also how some of the photos are not composed that well and some even out of focus which adds to the character. You can view the photos below.

Some photowalks are longer than others and one this one we had plenty of time to take things slowly and even take the odd break or two!

The Office Pub - © Andrew Newson

The Office Pub - © Andrew Newson

Towards the end of the day we headed to the seafront in the hope of a sunset and maybe a starling murmuration. We did see some starlings but not so many, perhaps it's just a little too early for them. However the sunset did come and it was really rather beautiful.

© Andrew Newson 

At this point we tried something new, I had brought with me my portable projector in the hope of doing a slideshow of images from the day. Beforehand I had shared a Dropbox folder that people could upload their photos to and then I could play the slideshow from my mobile phone direct to the projector. This was a bit of test run really, so see if it would work. The idea is to work towards doing an exhibition of photowalk photographs in the evening, the same day as a photowalk. I think it is definitely possible, so watch this space!

© Steve Tyler

© Andrew Newson 

© Andrew Newson 

© Andrew Newson