Brevitē Camera Rucksack Review


© Andrew Newson

This blog post is a review of the fantastic camera rucksack made by the American company Brevitē. This bag is actually called 'The Rucksack', they also make a bag called 'The Rolltop' and another called 'The Original'.

I have owned this bag since November 2016. This has given me plenty of chance to use the bag often, in fact it's used on an almost daily basis.

I purchased this bag from Brevite direct and had then ship it to me in the UK. This did mean I had to pay postage costs, VAT and the Royal Mail handling fee. I had done a fair amount of research looking in to great camera bags that were also stylish and I decided I couldn't get anything quite like this bag in the UK.

Please view the video review below.

A brief text summary of what I had to say about the bag...

What will it hold?

A 15 inch laptop, in my case a 15 inch MacBook Pro.
You get to the laptop sleeve via the main top opening of the bag. Open this up and slide the laptop in to the sleeve at the rear of the back. It was a little snug to begin with but it did stretch enough over time that this wasn't a problem. They have since made the laptop sleeve a little bigger I believe based on customer feedback.

Personal Possesions (Top Compartment)
There is a top compartment to the bag which is great for keeping your personal stuff, whether that is your lunch, jumper or a pac-a-mac etc. This top compartment is separated from the lower part via a hard flap that folds down when you want to use the bag as a straight through rucksack or zips in to place to create the separate compartments. This is a nice design and most of the time keeps everything where is should be. The flap is hinged at the rear and zips in to position at the front. This does mean there is a very slight gap either side so small items may go down in to the lower compartment, but in reality this doesn't happen a lot.

Camera Gear (Lower Compartment)
The lower compartment has a really great camera insert that is soft and padded to keep your gear nice and safe. It is fully removable should you want to use the bag not as a camera bag. The insert includes velcro (hook and loop) dividers that you can arrange to suit your camera system. The insert has zip openings on most of the sides so you can reach your gear by several different ways. For example the bag has a front opening that you can get to the bag insert and your camera gear, this is really great of packing you gear in. The bag however also has a side entry zip opening which is really great for getting that lens quickly. Just slide the bag off one shoulder and sling the bag to your side and get in to the bag quickly.

Other Pockets
The bag has numerous pockets.

One main pocket on the front of the bag which you can keep lots of things in, such as a note pad, business cards, cables, hard drive, power cord for your computer etc. This is a zip pocket and also has a flap with magnetic catches that work a treat.

There are also two pockets in the top flap that is the main entrance to the bag. One on the outside of the flap and another on the inside.


The bag has good wide straps which are really comfortable and feel really strong. These straps also have some D loops on that you can attach various accessories. I use a carabiner torch that you can see in the video.

Attached also to the main straps is a lens cap holder, I've never used it and you can remove it. Also attached is a sternum strap which fixes across your chest and really works to keep the bag exactly where it should be. I really didn't think I would use this that much but I actually really love it and use it most of the time.

In addition to the main straps, there is also a waist strap. This strap on either side comes from a little pocket flap at the bottom of the bag. I don't use this so much but I think it would be really useful for cyclists. I tuck the straps away in the zip pockets to keep them out of the way.

Material & Quality

The bag is made from heavy duty nylon and is weather proof. It is very hard wearing both for the material and the stitching that is used, I have no problems in the time I have owned the bag which as of writing is about 18 months.

I have used the bag in all sorts of weather, it does have a rain cover that you can pull out of a discreet pocket at the rear of the bag and when walking in really bad rain I have used this. It's large enough to go over the bag and a tripod should you have one attached to your bag.

Water Bottle Pocket

The bag has a large (external) pocket on one side of the bag. This is a draw string to draw it in tight on different sizes of bottles. There is also a clip strap above the pocket to keep larger items secure. I put my thermos flask in the pocket and use the strap too and it works very well.

Tripod Holder

The bag has two straps on the underneath of the bag that use clips to secure around your tripod. The straps are small and discreet when not in use but strong enough to hold your tripod. In the video I demonstrate this with a small lightweight tripod, but I have also carried a much heavier tripod too.

Style & Branding

I really like the look of the bag, I kind of wish that maybe some colour alternatives would be really nice. Still very tasteful, maybe a grey or green. Going on from that we still don't see many bags for women and it would be really great to have some more options for the ladies.

Their branding has evolved over time, being a relatively new company this is to be expected. So the bags now have their new logo on and in fact have been updated very slightly with new hardware I believe. But essentially it is still the same bag.


I really hope that you have enjoyed this review and has been helpful for you to decide on whether to purchase a bag from Brevite. I have no problem recommending this bag to you.


Brevitē have some new bags on the way which look really nice. Both the Roamer and Scout are slightly smaller bags and look really stylish too. Check them out as well as the existing bags at their website here.