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Stylish Photography Rucksacks/Backpacks

Okay I'll admit it, I have a bit of an obsession with camera bags. At least that's what my wife says!

I have quite a few already, mostly messenger or shoulder style bags. I have a lovely bag made by Ona, called the Ona 'Bowery'. This is quite a small bag and is made from waxed canvas. Lovely antique brass hardware and is perfect when I want to take my X-Pro 2 and 2 lenses or 1 lens and a flash. I also have a larger Millican 'Christopher' camera bag that was made with Fuji in mind. A beautifully made canvas bag with brass hardware. I'll be reviewing both of these bags in the near future.

Recently however I have found that a rucksack would be the better bag in certain situations, especially when hiking or just when I need to take my laptop with me.

I have been looking around for a photography rucksack that is a little bit more stylish than the usual.. They do tend to be a bit boring and I wanted something extra. Don't get me wrong, it has to be functional, it can't be style over substance.

I came up with a short list of bags that I was interested in, I really like all of them but there were certain reasons that I selected to order the one I have. These reasons will be things like functionality, cost and the cost to import from outside of the UK.

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Verona Photography Trip with the Fuji X-Pro2

An increasing large part of my business is running photography trips and holidays. These trips are sometimes in the UK, like the wonderful Lake District and Snowdonia National Park. I also run holidays abroad in places like Copenhagen, Paris and Verona.

We just arrived back from a great trip in Verona with a lovely group of people. I truly am very lucky to be able to offer these courses that frankly don't feel a lot like working! Having said that I do put a lot of thought in to them and of course there is quite a lot of planning too. I tend to stress a little bit about whether everyone will enjoy it and importantly whether they will get something valuable from the experience. I shouldn't worry because I get very good feedback and lovely testimonials from my clients.

Some of the trips I am able to run with my wife Samantha. We have children at school so it's not always possible but it cetainly makes the running of the trips much more fun. It's great to have Samantha on board to help make sure things run smoothly and that attendees are happy.

On the Verona trip we spoke about a few different themes and we divised a walking route around Verona that would take in a lot of the cities attractions and sites. The beauty of Verona is that it is actually quite a small place but with lots to see. This makes it a great place to run a photography workshop.

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