Fujifilm Creative Workshop Books - London

For a while now I have been running a number of workshops in London for users of the Fujifilm X camera system. It’s a camera system that I really love and I have been using now for about 7 years.

I’s great to be able to teach the technical aspects of how to use the camera, but it’s also great to encourage people to be creative with them and that’s exactly what this workshop in London is all about.

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New Fujifilm Workshops for Fujiholics in London

From February 2018 I will be running a number of dedicated Fujifilm X workshops in London for Fujiholics. These first workshops will be aimed at those that use Fujifilm X Cameras, specifically for beginners that are new to photography or those that are struggling with the transition from another brand of camera such as Nikon or Canon.

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