Street/Stranger Portrait Workshops in London

From time-to-time I run workshops in making portraits of strangers in London.

This is a genre of photography that has interested me for a long time and I think is a very rewarding one for many reasons. Not only can you practice your portrait technique and hopefully get some lovely photographs, but also you get to meet some really wonderful people.

The images in this post are taken by myself during the workshop I ran on the 9th February 2019. I will also try to include a small gallery of some images taken my the participants of these courses.

Street/Stranger Portraiture is not a genre that I think is particularly easy, because there is a lot to think about to get great portraits. There’s the technical side, then you have to pluck up the courage to ask someone if you can take their photo, you have to check the light is right and if the background is distracting and on and on. We will cover all these things and more in the Street/Stranger Portrait Workshop.

These workshops start by meeting for coffee and running over the notes that I have included in this blog post. We’ll discuss these and everyone will have a chance to ask questions. I also include a slideshow of photographs by fantastic street portrait photographers through history to the present day. We have found that this does inspire people to get out there and start making photos.

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