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Confidence in your Images

As a photographer you invest a lot of time and no doubt money too, in to the art form that you love and are so passionate about. So when you take the time to get that perfect shot, and then carefully process the image to make it perfect it can be very frustrating to then have a print produced only to be disappointed that it does not look like you expected it to. This is not just disappointing but it's also a waste of your time and money.

The number one question that Photographic Labs get asked is, 'why doesn't my print look like the version on my screen'?
The answer is probably because you are not using a calibrated monitor.

Unless you are working with a monitor that has been calibrated with a hardware device then you cannot trust what you see to be correct.


You will of course need a fairly decent monitor to get good results, I personally recommend using a monitor that has an IPS panel in it and can produce nearly 100% of the Adobe RGB colour space.

Most monitors only show you the sRGB colour space which is considerably less than that of Adobe RGB. Essentially sRGB shows you less colour variations.

You can print nearly 100% of Adobe RGB, so it does make sense to be able to work with this colour space on your monitor. Monitors of this type tend to start at around the £200 mark and are worth every penny!

Hardware Calibrator: Datacolor Spyder

Datacolor Spyder

Datacolor Spyder

Whatever monitor you are using it really makes a lot of sense to be able to calibrate it so you can really know that what you are seeing is correct. Whether that is for sharing images online or producing prints, there is really no other way to have confidence in your images' colour and brightness.

Datacolor offer a range of solutions and you can view them at their website here.

Which product you choose with depend a lot on whether you are hobbyist photographer or a professional.

I personally think that the Datacolor Spyder Pro 5 is a really good option for most people, allowing you to calibrate your monitor's colour and brightness levels according to the ambient light in the room.

You can compare the Spyder family here and decide which option is the best for you. 


I have used Datacolor products for many years and have always been really pleased with the results and the ease of use.

Andrew Newson


Accessories: Bags

Brevite Camera Bags 

Brevite currently offer 3 different types of camera bag, The Original, The Rucksack and The Rolltop. You can choose which style you prefer. I currently use The Rucksack and The Roll Top.

The Original is somewhat more traditional looking, as you would imagine, but it's really understated and doesn't really look like a camera bag which can be a good thing.

They all use the same removal insert system that keeps your gear safe in the lower half of the bag. You can access your gear from one side of the bag as well as the front. The upper part of the bag can be used for other bits and pieces. There are also other pockets that would be useful for memory cards and batteries.

On one side there is a useful elasticated pocket that can be used for a water bottle or tripod. There is also a tripod holder on the bottom of the bag too.

The bags are weatherproof and also include a waterproof cover for them.
There are other neat addition; like the lens cap holder in the strap, it also has loops for sunglasses, (most of the bags have those).

It's been really great to see Brevité grow as a brand and as they evolve, so do their bags, being updated with brand new and better hardware.

Brevite recently announced pre-sales on some great looking new bags, The Roamer and The Scout. These are smaller and lighter weight bags. I personally have The Roamer on my shopping list!


Ordering in the UK

Brevite do ship to the UK but do be aware you will need to pay the VAT and any import duty. It wasn't that expensive and really worth it as I couldn't find any bags that I liked as much as these in the UK.


I have been using a Brevite 'The Rucksack' for over a year at the time of writing this entry. I love it every bit as much as I did when it first arrived.

The quality of the bag is really good, I haven't had any issues at all with the material, stitching or hardware. I would say that they are very well made.

The material is great because it hasn't really aged, it still looks really good. In my experience some canvas bags to weather quite badly, ending up looking grubby.

The laptop sleeve in my bag was a little snug for my 15 inch MacBook Pro, but it loosened up after a few uses. Brevite later updated the design to make the sleeve a little bigger, so that's not an issue any more.

The bag has a lot of straps and features, I personally really like the sternum strap that comes across your chest, it really does stop the bag from slipping down your back which can be annoying. I only sometimes use the waist strap, usually when I'm hiking up mountains and it just makes everything that much more secure. I'd use the waist and sternum straps for cycling too.

Check out Brevite here.

Andrew Newson