Fujifilm Creative Workshop Books - London


For a while now I have been running a number of workshops in London for users of the Fujifilm X camera system. It’s a camera system that I really love and I have been using now for about 7 years.

It’s great to be able to teach the technical aspects of how to use the camera, but it’s also great to encourage people to be creative with them and that’s exactly what this workshop in London is all about.

In the morning we meet up for coffee and I give everyone a booklet that I have specially created for these courses. This booklet helps with the more advanced technical aspects of the Fujifilm cameras and also has space to write notes.

I then proceed to give everyone a brief on what to photograph throughout the day. We’re looking to create a sort of alternative guide to London in just one day and these photos will be made in to a ‘zine style photobook that you’ll see below.

It’s a fairly intense day of shooting with a fair amount of walking.

After the event we discuss how to edit your images down to your final selection and how to sequence them for the book. When images are submitted I then create the photobook, which will be delivered to your address.

These courses are really enjoyable and it’s a real buzz for me and them to see their photos in the final book.

We will be launching a new version of this workshop for 2019 for users of all makes of camera! Ultimately this course is about being creative and shooting images for a book, the make of camera really doesn't matter.