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Street/Stranger Portrait Workshop (London)

© Andrew Newson

© Andrew Newson

Street/Stranger Portraits Workshop (London 11 May 2019)

Saturday 11 May 2019.

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One Day Street/Stranger Portrait Workshop

Level: Intermediates & Advanced
Group size: 8 maximum
Additional info: Blog post here

This workshop isn’t just about camera settings - the real skill here is being able to approach a stranger and make a great portrait of them.

At first this might seem really daunting but I will be on hand for moral support and technical advice should you need it. By the end of the session you might even find this process quite addictive and got some great shots too.

On the course you will either be working in Aperture Priority and utilising Exposure Compensation or Manual exposure mode and using spot light readings for perfect exposures.


10.00-11.00am: Coffee, Talk & Slideshow (London Bridge)

I’ll give a detailed talk and encourage discussion on what settings to use for stranger portraits. This will included using Manual exposure and using spot light readings. Once everyone is confident we will head out to start shooting. We will also look at a slideshow on an iPad of great example for this genre of photography from various masters around the globe - this should serve as great inspiration to get you started.

11.00am-12.30pm - Shooting Session 1 (London Bridge/First Theme)

For our first shoot I will be setting a simple theme to follow. You will spend 1.5 hours around just one location, finding subjects, finding backgrounds and making your first stranger portraits. I will be very close by and should you need help or advice just come back to where I am and I will be happy to help.

Throughout the day I will spend time with each participant, as by way of moral support and to help with settings and creative approach.

12.30pm-1.30pm - Travel to Second Location, Lunch and Review

We will regroup and travel to the next location. Upon arrival we will head to a cafe and over a quick lunch we will take a look at the photographs you have achieved so far. This will be done simply by going through the images on your cameras and giving you encouragement and making some suggestions on how you could improve.

1.30pm-3.00pm - Shooting Session 2 (Soho/Second Theme)

After shooting session 1 we should now be starting to find our feet and with a quick review session have a little more knowledge to go on and make some great portraits in the second shooting session. We will have another simple theme to follow and my time will be split between the participants as and when they need me.

3.00pm: De-brief

We will re-group and head to a local pub where you will download your results to either your tablet/iPad or laptop. Each person will do a show and tell of their images and I will give some feedback as we go.

4.00pm: Close


The course will be run at London Bridge and then moving on to another location for the second part of the course. We will meet at Caffe Nero next to the Golden Hind near Borough Market (London Bridge)


This workshop is for intermediates and advanced photographers who have a fairly good knowledge of camera settings. 

In terms of experience needed to attend, it would be good if you knew about ISO, Aperture and Shutter speeds and how to adjust them. You'll be working in either Aperture Priority mode or fully Manual and I will advise on the day.

If you have the facility to download images to a tablet or laptop on the day then that would be very useful, if not I will have a laptop or tablet to do so for you. This will be part of the de-brief and image review sessions afterwards.


This workshop is for those who are using an SLR or advanced CSC.

This workshop is really for those that have an SLR or advance compact camera such as a CSC (Compact System Camera). Lens choice is somewhat of a personal preference but usually somewhere between 35mm-50mm (full frame) is about right for this kind of portraiture. If you are using an APS-C sized image sensor camera then roughly 23-35mm is the equivalent and on a Micro Four Thirds sensor, roughly 18-25mm.

You don't have to use flash and I tend not to, but if you wish to then of course you are welcome to. This course is not a couse in flash photography but will offer what advice I can.


Booking can be done safely and securely through the website by purchasing above. Alternatively we can invoice you via email and payment can be made by bank transfer, please contact us if you would prefer this method.


The ability to walk 2-3 miles. We will be walking approximately 2-3 miles during the workshop, but we will be doing this very slowly.


This workshop is for any age or gender of participant. We generally seem to get a pretty wide range of ages and a good mix of male and female participants. Participants under 16 years of age would need to be accompanied by an adult.

This course is for intermediate and advanced level photographers who wish to gain a better understanding of making portraits of strangers whilst getting hands-on tuition.


  • A Camera such as an SLR or CSC

  • Lenses

  • A Fully charged battery and ideally at least 1 spare

  • An empty memory card

  • A pen and pad to make some notes

  • Some money for lunch/drinks


The course starts at 10am with a meeting at Caffe Nero near Borough Market, London.


The easiest way to get to Borough Market is by train and both London Bridge underground and mainline station take you right there.


This course can be purchased for yourself but it also makes an ideal gift. Please let me know when booking if it is a present so I can arrange for a gift voucher to be sent to you.

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